If your workplace has cancelled their Mentemia @ Work subscription, you will notice slight changes to your Mentemia app and experience.

From now on, you will not be able to use 'premium' features (like the 'Digital JK Sleeping Coach') that come with an enterprise subscription to Mentemia. 

If you are based in New Zealand, your app will be downgraded to the standard full-featured version, thanks to the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health.

If you are based in Australia your app will be downgraded to the Australian free version which comes with limited features. You can gain access to the premium version of the Mentemia app by linking your account to a partner organisation like AIA. More on how to link your account to AIA Vitality here.

Please note: Mentemia does currently (as of 2021/2022) not offer personal subscriptions to the Mentemia app and programme. We are currently in the process of investigating how we can implement a personal full-featured subscription for individuals in the near future.