To add or remove individuals on your Mentemia subscription, please click on the 'Add/Remove' tab first.

On this screen, you have the option to add or remove individuals on your Mentemia subscription:

  1. 'Add Individual' & 'Remove Individual' - add the individual's email address in the corresponding email field and click either 'Add' or 'Remove.
  2. 'Bulk add CSV' & 'Bulk remove CSV' - add or remove a list of individuals by uploading a CSV file.

If you chose the second option, please format your CSV file as per the below screenshot. All that is needed are the email addresses without headings, names or any other fields. 

You can also find a demo CSV file in the Admin Portal by clicking on the 'Help' tab. Please download the demo CSV file to your device by clicking 'Download'. You can use this file as a base for your list.

If you encounter any issues with your CSV upload, please don't hesitate to contact us: