Through the Insights section in the Admin Portal, you can now see how your organisation is using the Mentemia app. And what's more, you can access that information in real-time, whenever you want.

Mentemia Insights is split into two sections: 'Key Insights' and 'Tools & Content'. The powerful dashboards provide these insights and metrics:  

  • Active team members: Number of team members using the app
  • Registrations: Number of team members who have registered and associated their account with your workplace  
  • Intents distribution: Areas your team are interested in focusing on
  • Content consumed: How many items in the app have been accessed
  • Tool usage: How many times your team have utilised tools in the app

To check it out, please login and click on the 'Insights' tab in the top right corner. If you are having any issues accessing the Admin Dashboard or the Insights section please contact: