Digital JK is our first digital assistant specifically built and trained to help you sleep better. He is loaded with a vast body of science-based information and personalised tips on improving your sleep. Based on your answers and the input you provide he will provide customised recommendations and advice on proven ways to improve your sleep that apply to your specific requirements. 

We are not only working actively on improving DJK but also adding more digital mental health assistants to Mentemia in the future.

Digital JK is located in the ‘Training’ section of the Mentemia app for people using Mentemia Premium. He’ll first get to know you by asking a series of interactive questions to diagnose your problem areas, ranging from sleep positions, snoring, sleep companions, pets and much more. 

Based on your answers, DJK will provide you with personalised recommendations on how you can improve your sleep. This will be available for you in your own custom collection, which will include articles, videos, tools, infographics and more. 

The more you use DJK, the more he’ll learn and grow.