Courses are here to help you learn new skills and take a deep dive into different areas that can help your mental wellbeing.


There are two ways to find Courses in the Mentemia app: Courses and My Courses

Courses is where you’ll find all the available options. To check them out, go to Training > Courses.

My Courses is where you’ll find your favourite saved courses. To save a Course to ‘My Courses click the heart button in the top right corner: 

❤️You’ll then be able to find it by going to Me > My Courses.

Not sure what Course to choose? You can see:

  • How many steps are in the Course

  • How much time the Course will take to complete (Some are short and sweet, others are longer and more in-depth)

  • And the category of the Course related to Mentemia’s 6 pillars of mental wellbeing (Chill, Do, Connect, Move, Celebrate, Enjoy)  

To start a Course, simply click into it and complete the first step.

Our Courses are designed to be done step by step, so make sure you complete each part before trying to move on to the next. You’ll find a mix of videos, articles, tools, infographics and more.

Once you’ve completed a Course, there will be a confetti party in the app and your progress bar will be full.