You can create your own personalised Collections in Mentemia by selecting your favourite content and tools that you want to collect or save for later. Wherever you see the heart icon throughout the app, you can tap the heart icon to save the content or tool to your collections.

Follow these steps to create a new collection: 

Step One - When using the app, click on the  “Heart Icon” to save content and tools to a collection

Step Two - Click on “Start your Collection” on the middle of your screen

Step Three - Choose a name and a short description for your collection. 

Once done click “Create new Collection”

Step Four - Done! You have successfully created your first collection! Add content and tools you like and access them from your collection.

Please Note - You can create many different collections depending on your requirements and ideas. You can also add the things you like to multiple collections at once. Just follow this flow and create as many collections as you wish!

If you want to browse through your existing collections please follow these two simple steps

Step One - Click on “Me” on the bottom of your screen

Step Two - Click on “My Collections” on the top of your screen and choose the collection you would like to browse