Your personalised dashboard is the central place you can see and track your usage of Mentemia. It records when and what activities you have completed in the app. 

A range of content, tools, trackers and quizzes within the app fall under one or more of the 6 pillars (Chill, Enjoy, Connect, Celebrate, Do and Move) and are grouped in either the "Explore" or "Training" function. To learn more about the 6 pillars please click on "Learn more" underneath the pie chart. Activities can also be reached via the Home screen daily suggestions.

The date range can be set to Today, 7 days or 30 days. To access the dashboard just follow these easy steps:

Step One - Click on “Me” on the bottom of your screen

Step Two: Click on “Dashboard” 

Please note: To trigger the daily completion/streak in the dashboard complete all daily activities suggested in your homepage. To reach the homepage please click "Home".